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Public Market is where the stories behind the foods we love come to life. We believe life’s most meaningful moments happen where food and people meet. We want to share a new way to experience recipes we love and give you a deeper connection to the people who create them.

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Two longtime California-based friends who enjoy family, culture, and decided to follow their passions and start something together. The only requirement: the idea had to be centered around food, and it had to be authentic. After spending time at the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, The Seattle Public Market, The Borough Market in London, The Chelsea Market in NYC, and The Ferry Building in San Francisco, they thought “what if we could bring these incredibly diverse food stories to life in the digital space?” and Public Market was born.
Public Market continually curates a group of featured content creators – from professional chefs, food influencers, and home chefs. Our production team films each individual creator to capture the story behind their most meaningful recipes.

Our Originals are episodic television shows produced by Public Market. One of our series is called SCRAPS, a show where chefs make incredible creations from the extra ingredients in their kitchens.

The Public Market Community is a place where people from all over the world come together with one commonality – the love of food and the inspiring stories beyond the bite. Subscribe to Public Market to share your food story and get recipe tips from others who love to create – and enjoy – food and drink.

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Why Public Market?

Every meal, every recipe, and every combination of ingredients originated somewhere.

We’re here to tell the stories behind the people who created them and the places where they came from — because we believe life is most meaningful where food and people intersect.

We’re proud to share a new way to experience recipes and introduce you to the people who make the foods we love.

We’re a group of long-time friends brought together through our own cultures and traditions and we share a deep passion for incredible food, drink, and storytelling.


—Public Market

“Public Markets tell our local food stories - stories of people, place, and culture. Public Market is a food experience where cuisines and people come together from everywhere to discover what is new, and to connect by sharing their authentic stories.”

– Brad Sive, Co-Founder Public Market

Work with Public Market

Have a recipe that fills your heart with joy every time you make it — and eat it? We want to hear your food story. Take it a step further and become a Public Market featured creator where our production team comes to you and films you making your favorite recipe while sharing your story behind the bite. We also accept guest articles, a great way to gain exposure for your brand. Contact us to see how we can work together.

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