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Meet Alessandro Berselli, Founder and Owner of Alessandro Berselli Wines
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Alessandro Berselli Vini d’Italia: Shipping Modern, Exceptional, and Award-Winning Wines From Italy To The Rest Of The World

Meet Alessandro Berselli, Founder and Owner of Alessandro Berselli Wines

Alessandro Berselli Vini d’Italia has been in business for over 30 years and is headquartered in Bologna, Italy. Alessandro Berselli, his family, and team of loyal employees produce over 50 types of Italian wine and can ship them directly to you anywhere in the world, straight from Italy. 

Watch this video below to experience how Alessandro and his team share their pride, dedication, and passion for Italian winemaking.

You can explore and purchase Alessandro Berselli’s amazing selection of exquisite Italian Wines here. This website is properly named “”, which in Italian, is short for “squisito”, or “exquisite.” 

From World Traveler to Renowned Global Winemaker

Alessandro Berselli was born just outside of Bologna, Italy, near the Bologna Airport. As a young boy, Alessandro recalls how he would hear the thunder of the airplanes landing and taking off — all day, every day. 

These sounds inspired him to want to travel the world and experience other countries and cultures, but he also was excited to share his Italian culture with the people he met abroad. So, Alessandro vowed to make traveling the world a big part of whatever career he chose when he grew up.

Years later, while studying at University of Bologna, one of his professors suggested that Alessandro form a consortium of Italian food and wine companies to bring Italian culture and taste to the rest of the world. 

Alessandro was intrigued by the idea and decided to take on this project. Ultimately, Alessandro’s consortium of Italian companies became all winemakers. And thus, his amazing winemaking career was born!

Bringing Innovation to A Centuries-Old Craft

Alessandro considers himself a lifelong learner. One of the main reasons he loves the wine industry is because it’s a perfect blend of History, Culture, Innovation, Art, and Technology — all of his favorite subjects.

Many of Alessandro’s winemaker friends come from multi-generational wine families with deep-rooted traditions. But Alessandro didn’t come from a winemaking family. 

In fact, his father was a local parmesan cheese maker in Bologna (of course, parmesan pairs beautifully with some of Alessandro’s wines). 

But since the business of wine paired perfectly with his love of traveling, Alessandro chose winemaking as his career instead. 

Although Alessandro has a deep respect for traditions, he also believes in modernizing them when it makes sense. He reflects, “If you only look back, you’ll never anticipate what is coming in the future.” Alessandro is always traveling around, meeting with his clients, and listening to what the market is looking for now. 

One of Alessandro Berselli’s major markets is Japan. To date, Alessandro has visited Japan 98 times! He loves the country, the people, and bringing his wines there. North America and Europe are also major markets for Alessandro Berselli wines.

But here’s a fun fact … up until a few years ago, Alessandro never even sold his wines in Italy, because he was so focused on promoting his wines and the Italian culture abroad!

A Family Affair

Alessandro’s wife Silvia, his daughter Eleonora, and his son Francesco also have essential roles at the company. Silvia is the company’s CEO and Eleonora is the Director of Marketing, PR, and E-Commerce. Francesco recently joined the family business and is often “in the field” meeting with new and existing clients. 

berselli wines father son

Alessandro Berselli Wines is headquartered in Bologna, and they have about 25 full-time employees there year-round. They also have several employees working in the various regions of Italy where the wines are produced. such as Toscana, Veneto, Piemonte, Puglia, and Sicily.

As you may know, the wine business is very seasonal, with August to October (grape harvest time) being the busiest. During harvest time, the company generally hires an additional 200 short-term employees to get the massive job done.

The Future of Winemaking

Regarding trends in winemaking, Alessandro says that sustainability is becoming a critical part of the future of the industry.
Efforts are increasingly made to preserve our planet with advances and improvements in bottling, packing, and shipping of the product. There are also a growing number of organic wines being produced, as market demand for this increases. 

We asked Alessandro what his personal favorite wine is, but like a true wine producer, he was far more excited to tell us about his all-time favorite grape … Pinot Noir!

He loves the versatility, finesse, and elegance of this unmatched grape, which is widely used in making Pinot Noir red wine as well as many red blends. But a lesser-known fact is that Pinot Noir grapes are also used in making champagne and other sparkling white wines. 

On the other hand, Alessandro said Pinot Noir grapes are tough to grow, pick, and age. A running joke in the wine business is that you can judge the quality of a winemaker by how well they handle growing Pinot Noir grapes in a bad harvest season!

Alessandro Berselli Wine’s Top Sellers

In terms of top sellers, The Alessandro Berselli Signature Collection is the most popular of all of the Berselli Wine labels.  

In terms of reds, here are the top sellers.

Signature Collection Primitivo Red

And for the white wines, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco and perennial top sellers.

Pinot Grigio

Ruppiano Famiglia Berselli

This Tuscan line of award-winning wines has been rated with 90+ points by James Suckling.

But keep in mind, these are just a few of the outstanding wines Alessandro Berselli offers, so check out their entire selection here.

Award-Winning and Affordable Italian Wine Delivered Right To Your Door!

In the U.S, Alessandro Berselli Wines are sold online only. The hardworking, dedicated, and efficient team carefully packs and ships your wine orders. 

You typically receive your wine within 14 to 21 business days. They also have great customer service. 

(By the way, the team at Public Market has ordered this wine many times in the past, and it always arrives in excellent shape).

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We hope you enjoy Alessandro Berselli Wines as much as we do … Salute!

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