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Introducing THE SCRAPS Original Web Series

The first PM Originals episodic food series is a show where chefs make incredible creations from the extra ingredients in their kitchens.

Episode 1: Croissant Loaf

Learn how Tartine Bakery repurposes their croissant dough trim that would otherwise be wasted. 

Episode 2; Croissant French Bread

Learn how to make a stunningly beautiful load of bread made from Croissant dough. 

Watch how Tartine Bakery uses their croissant loaf – made from leftover croissant dough trim – to make the perfect French Toast.

Episode 3: Croissant Butter Ice Cream

Watch how to make Butter Croissant ice cream. This fairly easy recipe is a perfect end to that perfect dinner party. 

Episode 4: Rye Croutons

See how Tartine Bakery repurposes day old rye bread and transforms it into savory, nutty, crunchy croutons.

Episode 5: Perfect Endive Salad With Breadcrumbs

See how Tartine Bakery repurposes day old rye bread – then takes the croutons to the next level with the perfect endive salad.

Episode 6: Sweet Potatoe Skin Snacks

See how Khatira (@lifeandbread) transforms sweet potato skins into a crunchy, chewy, sweet and savory masterpiece.

Episode 7: Parmesan Rinds Stock for Pasta, Veggies or More

See how Khatira (@lifeandbread) uses Parmesan rinds to make a special, versatile, and extremely flavorful Parmesan Rinds Stock.

Episode 8: Leftover Meat into Sisig

See how Barry (@therealbeartrap) transforms last night’s Pork Adobo into a new dish for his kids, Pork Sisig.

Episode 9: Fermentation by Tartine

A day in the life of a fermentation chef; learn how Tartine Bakery utilizes years of fermentation knowledge to spice up dishes.

Episode 10: Carrot Skins Into Carrot Cake

Turn your weekly carrot shavings into delicious carrot cake that even the kids will love. 

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