Boozehounds in Palm Springs

Boozehounds in Palm Springs: A restaurant for people and dogs


In the sun-drenched desert oasis of Palm Springs, California, there’s a unique culinary establishment that’s pleasing palates and wagging tails all over town.

Its name? Boozehounds.


Dog Days in the Desert: Unleashing the California-Fusion Culinary Magic at Boozehounds

Founders Jimmy McGill, Steve Piacenza, and Bryan Rogers had a simple motivation: to bring together their love for innovative cuisine, a sense of community — and dogs— to the popular Southern California desert town.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

Collaborating with Brand Developer Jenna Murray of Spilled Milk Creative and Creative Director Jenni-Kate Rogers of Raven and the Willow, they transformed a once-dark nightclub into a welcoming, pet-friendly restaurant that shines with Southern Californian desert charm.

The Public Market team was welcomed with open arms by the friendly Boozehounds owners … and of course, their furry friends!

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of a fun, relaxing, and delicious day at Boozehounds.

Boozehounds boasts a sprawling 7,000 sq. ft. venue perched along Palm Canyon Drive. It offers patrons a relaxed and friendly environment where they can dine and unwind with their beloved pups.

The highlight? A dog-friendly open-air atrium, cabana bar, and patio. The indoor dining area, bar, and lounge offer patrons stunning views of the San Jacinto Mountain Range while they savor delicious dishes.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow
Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow
Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow
Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow
Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow
Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

Inspired by Jimmy and Steve’s beloved late dog, Striker, the Boozehounds founders imprinted their love for dogs not just in the restaurant’s philosophy, but also in its aesthetic. Striker’s silhouette, emblazoned on the restaurant’s facade, immediately catches the eye of passersby. 

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

This loving tribute to Striker sets the tone for what lies within: a unique blending of California culinary flair with a global influence and a deep commitment to the community, expressed through pet adoption events, fundraisers, and continued support for local vendors.

Savory Fusion: Navigating Boozehounds’ Intriguing East-Meets-West Menu

At the heart of Boozehounds lies the tantalizing East-meets-Coastal California menu. Executive Chef Aric Ianni, with a rich history in culinary arts, expertly infuses Southern California cuisine with Asian flavors at Boozehounds. 

He champions locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, creating exquisite dishes that have patrons smiling or wagging their tails for more.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

Chef Aric Ianni is a culinary virtuoso with a passion for innovation and a knack for blending flavors from across the globe. He embarked on his culinary journey at the tender age of 14, starting as a dishwasher and gradually climbing the ranks to become a line and prep cook.

Chef Aric has Italian roots and shared a close bond with his grandmother. She was a key influence on Aric’s career choice, inspiring him with her homemade arancini (Italian meat-stuffed and cheese stuffed rice balls) and sparking his passion for cooking.

Aric’s approach to cuisine embraces a boundary-pushing ethos: there are no rules, only an open canvas on which to create. This philosophy is evident in his reinvention of classic dishes, like
Garlic Noodles, a fusion of Asian and European flavors using the finest fresh ingredients.

Garlic Noodles represents Boozehounds’ culinary philosophy: a harmonious blend of European technique and Asian influence, lovingly crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The dish begins with garlic sautéed until golden in hot oil, paired with brown and white hon shimeji mushrooms from San Marcos, California.

A house-made garlic soy sauce, rich garlic confit, butter, and imported Parmigiano Reggiano add depth and complexity to the dish.

The end product? A crowd-pleaser that exemplifies Chef Ianni’s passion for pushing boundaries and his commitment to creating simple, delicious dishes that honor the global influences of Boozehounds’ menu.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

But Chef Ianni doesn’t only cater to human tastes. The dog menu, including a signature Watermelon Gazpacho topped with sugar-free whipped cream and torn basil, exemplifies his innovative approach to creating a holistic dining experience that truly caters to every patron, four-legged or otherwise.

For Aric, choosing to take up the position at Boozehounds was a great opportunity and an exciting challenge. The menu he curates echoes his worldly influences and love for Southern California’s seasonal produce, with standouts such as Char Sui Pork Belly, Chicken Adobo, Miso Marinated Fish & Chips,and a sublime burger.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

Boozehounds- NEW Char Sui Pork Belly on Dinner Menu

Even in his demanding schedule, Aric finds much joy and fulfillment as a chef. His bond with cooking is as heartfelt as the yearly ritual of listening to a cherished recording of his grandmother singing happy birthday – an emotional touchstone that keeps him connected to his roots while he continues to push culinary boundaries.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

Savor and Socialize: Revel in Boozehounds’ Vibrant Atmosphere

Boozehounds’ atmosphere radiates warmth and friendliness, reflecting the desert charm of Palm Springs. Jenni-Kate Rogers has transformed the formerly dark nightclub into a vibrant, light-filled space that pays homage to the city’s sunny disposition and mid-century modern design aesthetic. 

By infusing elements of classic Palm Springs design into Boozehounds’ interiors, Rogers has created an inviting environment that perfectly complements the restaurant’s unique fusion menu.

This pet-friendly restaurant isn’t just about serving great food and drinks. It’s about building a community. Boozehounds aims to be a hub for social and cultural exchange, with a focus on giving back. 

The venue hosts regular fundraisers and partners with local animal shelters and charities, proving that this restaurant is more than just a place to dine.

The Art of Mixology: Sip and Savor at Boozehounds

The Boozehounds experience is not complete without a taste of its eclectic and imaginative cocktail menu, masterfully curated by mixologist Bryan Rogers. Bryan, who has honed his craft for over 12 years, takes pride in creating innovative and playful drinks that enhance the culinary experience. 

The names of his concoctions – like Aunt Donna’s Dirty Poodle and the Smokey Spinone – reflect the cheeky spirit and unfettered creativity that permeates the entire Boozehounds ethos.


Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow
Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

Aunt Donna’s Dirty Poodle was named after a business partner’s aunt who was a B-movie star in Hollywood. Aunt Donna was often seen with a cigarette in one hand and her poodle in the other hand. 

This cocktail is a blend of Akashi White Oak Whiskey, Miso Mirin syrup, Meyer Lemon Yuzu Shrub, and Nigori Unfiltered Sake – a symphony of flavors that takes your palate on an exciting journey.

The Smokey Spinone, another must-try, is a refreshing concoction that includes Illegal Mezcal, lime juice, Aperol, Cocchi Americano, and Naranja, served over crushed ice and garnished with edible flowers and a fresh lime wheel. (Mezcal is a vast category of spirits made from agave, similar to how bourbon is a kind of whiskey, and this drink showcases its smoky, complex flavor beautifully). 

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

Boozehounds: A Passion Project Rooted in Love and Community

As you sip on one of the expertly crafted cocktails, it becomes evident that Boozehounds is more than just a restaurant – it’s a labor of love. The founders have poured their hearts into every aspect of the establishment, from the vibrant and inviting interior design to the eclectic and innovative food and cocktail menu, and it shows.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

Boozehounds is a testament to the powerful bond between humans and their four-legged companions. It’s a space that resonates with camaraderie and community, where patrons can kick back and enjoy great food and drinks in the company of their pets.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

This unique fusion of east-meets-coast California cuisine, expertly crafted cocktails, and a welcoming, dog-friendly environment is what sets Boozehounds apart.

Whether you’re a Palm Springs local, a tourist passing through, or a dog owner looking for a place to dine with your furry friend, Boozehounds offers an unparalleled experience.

But you don’t have to be a dog owner to enjoy Boozehounds. Many people go there to enjoy lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch – and let’s not forget those amazing cocktails that complement the eclectic fare.

Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow
Image Credit: Jenni-Kate Rogers, Raven and the Willow

We can’t wait to make another delicious culinary journey to Palm Springs and experience the magic of Boozehounds – an oasis in the desert where every dog has its day!

“We wanted to make sure the space felt fresh and new and innovative, but we also didn't want it to not feel like Palm Springs.”

– Jenni-Kate Rogers

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