John Marovich, Restaurant
Owner and Chef at San Pedro Cafe

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John Marovich Restaurant Owner and Chef San Pedro Cafe

Meet John Marovich

John Marovich preserves delicious culinary traditions in his beloved local cafe.


Beloved Traditional Dishes Made Accessible: Meet CroMo and CroKraut at San Pedro Cafe

Introducing Croatian-style mostaccioli and sauerkraut, affectionately nicknamed “CroMo” and “CroKraut” — and served at San Pedro Cafe in San Pedro, California. 

In this video John Marovich, owner of San Pedro Cafe (SPC) and lifelong resident of San Pedro, whips up these two classic Croatian American dishes he’s been making for his loyal customers for 35 years.

If you can’t make it to San Pedro, you can experience the behind-the-scenes action here and watch these incredible dishes come to life.

John also has a wonderful and dedicated staff at SPC; many have been working there for decades. 

But when it comes to the CroMo and CroKraut, John takes the lead on making these dishes to perfection each and every day.

CroMo is made using fresh, hot tubular-shaped pasta called mostaccioli. Then it is smothered with a hearty, savory, and meaty tomato sauce that delights your taste buds. 

CroMo sauce is chock-full of the highest quality combination of ground top sirloin, tomato sauce made from scratch, caramelized onions, garlic, and other spices.

Croatian-AmericanMostaccioli (“CroMo”)

CroKraut is sauerkraut mixed with Polish sausage and rib meat, then tossed in a light and tasty tomato sauce. 

These two dishes were typically served in Croatian American families on Sundays and special occasions, because they take several hours to lovingly prepare.

Since the turn of the last century, San Pedro has welcomed a host of Croatian and Italian immigrants who made their homes in the town that is the Port of Los Angeles. Many of them were commercial fishermen by trade or worked in some aspect of the fishing industry. 

Today, descendants of these immigrants still live in San Pedro, a Southern California coastal town known for its cooler, Mediterranean-like climate. 

Although a few private clubs in the area serve this Croatian American cuisine, San Pedro Cafe is one of the only sit-down restaurants in town where you can still get this food the locals love seven days a week. 

San Pedro Cafe also serves a wide array of delicious American, Mexican, and Italian meals. It’s also an award-winning local breakfast hotspot with delicious made-to-order pancakes, waffles, French toast, and a variety of incredible egg dishes. 

San Pedro Cafe is open seven days a week and serves breakfast and lunch. Dinner coming soon. 

CroMo and CroKraut are available daily (while supplies last). For more information, visit

You can discover more about San Pedro and Croatian American-inspired cuisine here.

“You always knew it was Sunday when you came home and smelled the Mostaccioli cooking.”

– John Marovich, San Pedro Cafe

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