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Celebrating Food With Sparkling Red Wines

Greetings wine & food lovers! If there’s something we love here at Public Market more than anything in the world (aside from fantastic food), it’s a glass of fine, quality wine to go with it. With the summer entertaining season fast approaching, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about what foods to pair with sparkling red wines, and when to serve them.

Sparkling red wine should be at the top of your shopping list, and our friends at Alessandro Berselli Wines have a sensational selection to choose from to go with anything you might be serving up this summer.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the world of sensational sparkling red wines. From pairing them with food to all the different varieties, you will learn everything that you need to know to entertain like a pro. Keep reading to find out more!


The Complex History & Types of Sparkling Red Wines

The history of sparkling red wines dates back centuries, with facts and figures as complex as the wine itself. Some will state that the earliest versions were made in the Modena region of Italy while others attest that the legendary Dom Perignon started the trend. Regardless of its true origins, one thing is for sure, these wines are perfect for special occasions, holidays, or when you want to treat yourself to something full of energy and effervescence.

Debatable origins aside, these lively wines are categorized and named by the region they come from, the grapes used, their level of sweetness, or a combination of those three.

One of the most popular types of sparkling red wine is Lambrusco, a frizzante red wine that comes from the Lambrusco grape. This wine originated in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and is known for its fruity flavors and slightly sweet taste. Lambrusco Salamino is one of the most common versions of this wine and is perfect as a pizza wine or as an aperitif; a before-dinner drink.

Another popular type of sparkling red wine is Sparkling Shiraz, which is made from the Shiraz (or Syrah) grape. This wine is known for its deep red color, high tannin content, and rich, full-bodied flavor. It often has an alcohol content of around 12-14% ABV and is typically fermented in the bottle to create its signature sparkling effect.

Interestingly, Pinot Noir is also used to make sparkling red wines, and these wines are often referred to simply as “Sparkling Pinot Noir.” These wines tend to be on the lighter side, with a more delicate flavor profile than other sparkling red wines. They’re perfect for sipping as an aperitif or pairing with lighter dishes, such as seafood or chicken.

Other grapes used to make sparkling red wines include Baga, Barbera, and Brachetto. The latter being one of the sweetest of them all, and therefore an ideal candidate for a digestif; and after-dinner drink.

Adding more to the mix is the Amboscato variety, made from the muscat grape and is the rosie cousin to Muscato wines – decidedly sweet, lightly fizzy, and always found as a dessert offering.

If this jaunt through history has made you hungry (or thirsty), read on.

What food to pair with sparkling red wine

Best Foods to Pair With Sparkling Red Wines

Now that we understand a little more about the types of bubbly red wines available, let’s talk about perhaps the most important ingredient: food! Sparkling red wines can be fun to share socially, on their own, but with a little creativity, you can offer your favorite with a wide variety of foods. 

Let’s start with Lambrusco. This semi-sparkling wine typically has the lowest alcohol content (around 11% ABV) and high acidity, which can balance the heaviness of a pizza. But like pizza (or heavier lasagnas) Lambrusco can be versatile. Cured meats, grilled chicken, cheese plates, and savory pasta dishes all pair well with this easy-going favorite. Lambrusco Salamino is the one you’ll want to grab if you’re looking for the sweetest of them all (think cherries and fruit) to go with spicier cuisine.

If you prefer a richer, full-bodied sparkling red wine, try Sparkling Shiraz from Australia. As mentioned, Sparkling Shiraz will have a deep color, high tannin and alcohol content. This makes it a perfect companion for anything from appetizers to multicourse meals and can be a favorite with barbecue, roasted meat, and aged cheese. We love the fact that the bubbles and acidity in sparkling Shiraz can refresh your palate and make the flavors last longer. And at Public Market, where it’s really all about the food, savoring flavors as long as possible is a very good thing.

Another sparkling red wine that is perfect for celebrations is sparkling Rosé. This pink sparkler from various regions is made with red Barbera grapes. Because of its fruitiness and delicate bubbles, sparkling Rosé can pair nicely with salad, seafood, and light dishes.

With so many varieties, we know it can be tough to make the call. But fear not and don’t get overwhelmed. Whether you’d like to impress your guests with a great pizza wine or make a toast with a sparkling Shiraz at a family affair, keep in mind that there are no right or wrong pairings. Just experiment and have fun. That’s what this wine is all about.

If you need a little more insight about which sparkling red wines should grace your next social, reach out to Alessandro Berselli Wines and tell them your friends at Public Market sent you!

Reinvent Your Recipes With Sparkling Red Wines

Cooking with sparkling red wines can add a wonderful depth of flavor and complexity to your dishes. Whether you’re using a classic red wine such as Pinot Noir or Cabernet, venturing into sparkling reds like an Amboscato can add more pizzaz to your meals than you might think. 

Let’s set the foundation. When cooking with sparkling red wines, it’s important to consider the tannin and alcohol content. Sparkling wines tend to have lower tannin levels than their still counterparts, making them a great option for dishes that may be overpowered by tannic red wines. Thinking about steak or roasted lamb? You might want to give this wine variety a shot.

As we mentioned earlier, the alcohol content in sparkling wines can vary widely, with some red sparkling wines sitting at a higher ABV topping off at about 16% in some cases! If alcohol content is a concern, look for a “secco” sparkling wine or one that is labeled as “low alcohol.” The lowest you’ll find will be around 8%. 

Let’s take a step back and look at marinated grilled meats or stews. Try lightening them up with a sweeter Brachetto d’Acqui. This sparkling red wine has a fruity sweetness that works wonderfully in desserts like wine cakes and even red wine brownies!

The possibilities are endless and as our star chefs and creators reveal their favorites, we’ll be posting exciting recipes for you to try at home. Be sure to check back in often and subscribe to our newsletter.

No matter how you experiment with your family favorites, if nothing else, keep in mind tannin and alcohol content. Don’t forget to choose the right grape variety as this will affect the flavor of your dish.

Give Us Your Sparkling Story!

We could go on and on all day. But that’s no fun. Public Market is all about you. This is your community where unforgettable foods meet the stories behind the meals. So if you found our recommendations handy and they inspired a recipe reinvention, let us know! We’d love to feature your story, right here, in this section for the world to see. So let’s raise a glass – celebrate your new food story and say cheers to good times and great wine. And yeah, the food, too!

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